Faculty Development Program - Team Building

Faculty Development Program - Team Building

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    10 May, 2019

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Programme Overview:


An experiential wellness workshop focussing on the importance of management of stress in a positive manner through the inculcation of positive thinking and optimism, along with practising self-care through healthy lifestyle habits for increased physical well-being (including cardio vascular health) and improved psychological happiness. The program shares mental, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual techniques to manage stress in an assertive manner as a survival response triggered by stressful situations in our lives.


Programme Outcome:

  1. Positive Outlook for Balanced Life: Recognise the importance of adopting an optimistic approach towards life’s stressful situations through an understanding of various stress management techniques to lead a healthy, balanced life style.

  2. Preventative Stress Management for Improved Health: Become aware of various tools to combat stress for increased lifespan and reduced risk of physical and mental ailments in the long run

  3. Handle Stress Management at Workplace: Gain insight into the business benefits of stress management to result in effective employee engagement practices for higher productivity, improved decision- making process and reduced HR costs

  4. The Big Picture: Heightened awareness about the big picture with an emphasis on task-prioritization and conscious engagement in time-out sessions from stress or situations to avoid burn out from stress.

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